1040 Wien, Kettenbrückengasse 6

Maria Steiner

ruins of modernity

Herbst-Winter-Kollektion ruins of modernity

Maria Steiner entwirft klare, reduzierte Mode, zugleich weibliche Kreationen für selbstbewusste Frauen

the ideal self and reality, are these opposites or just wishes and options? our perception of what is and what needs to be clash with reality. simple yet complex the collection changes through wearing. drawings and soft delicate fabrics flow around the body the pieces revolve around its wearer, make her comfortable and allow to express her self in melding contrasts of reality and ideal. dark, earthy colors combine with sky light blue and soft camel in a mixture of warm and heavy materials and bright and light textures. be who you wish to be, express yourself with a glimpse of truth showing your ideals.